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Ways to relieve cold and flu symptoms at home

There are other things that may help your cold or flu symptoms, including natural treatments, lots of fluids, and rest.


 Natural Relief Options

Try natural cold and flu symptom remedies

Gargling with warm, salt water is a natural way to help soothe your sore throat. Vitamin C may help to support your immune system.


Drink Extra Fluids

Drink extra fluids

Extra fluids such as water and juices can help thin mucus and relieve your stuffy nose. Hot drinks like herbal tea and broth can soothe your throat and may help relieve congestion.


Take it Easy

Take it easy

If you push yourself too hard when you’re sick, you may make it harder for your body to recover. It’s best for you and those around you to stay home, rest, and recover.


Avoid Tobacco & Alcoho

Avoid tobacco and alcohol

Because smoking damages lung cells, it makes it harder to fight off a cold. Alcohol can make you dehydrated, which can make congestion worse.


Call Doctor if Symptoms Persist

Talk to your healthcare professional if you don’t get better

If your symptoms persist or get worse, call your healthcare professional.