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Free printable resources

We have collaborated with leading organizations to bring you important safety information to help you and your loved ones use medicines appropriately. For your convenience, here are some helpful resources that have been developed. Download, print, save, reread, and share them with your family and friends!

Pain Management Resources

Use checklist to set personal goals. See options to reduce opioid use.

Teaching flu prevention & treatment tips

Tips to help prevent, identify, and treat the flu in adults and kids

Knowing Your OTC Pain Relievers
OTC Pain Relievers Information List

Guide to active ingredients, maximum doses, risk factors, and lists of medicines containing pain relievers

Directions for acetaminophen and NSAIDs—all in one place

Directions by weight and age for acetaminophen and NSAIDs

See what Warnings on the Drug Facts label have changed and how this can affect your heart

Keeping Children Safe Around Medicines
Medication Safety Checklist

Steps and educational messages to help keep kids safe at different stages of development

Keep Kids Safe Around Medicine

What you need to know to help keep your kids safe around medicine

Medicine Action Plan

Helpful packet includes medicine action plan, safety checklist, and more

Resource Sheets for Families

Tips on medicine dosing and storage, plus tips for educating tweens and teens

Medicine Label Guide

Easy-to-use chart you can use to teach your child how to read and understand medicine labels

Track Children's Medicine Doses

Use this sheet to avoid re-dosing too soon

Safe Kids Worldwide 2012-2015. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

Medicine safety resources in different languages
Understanding Medicine Labels
Understanding OTC Labels Resource

Directions, warnings, and other parts of the Drug Facts label that can help you choose and use medicines safely

Medicine Safety Data & Infographics

Statistics on medicine-related emergencies in young children and teens

Safe Kids Worldwide 2012-2015. Used with permission. All rights reserved.